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Nub (pronounced n-uh-b) is a term used to describe a noob that is a scrub. The term and pronunciation were first coined by Brian at Duke West Term II 2014. The term nub took the place of many vulgar words and saved the minds of a plentitude of small children. It allowed many TIPsters to throw insults at one another in front of staff members.

King Nub

Since the term nub began in Mike's RAG, Mike the R.C. was declared King Nub.


Nubification is a term made by J.W., another member of Mike's RAG. The verb form, nubifiy, implies the action of turning a person/TIPster into a nub.

Certain Nubs at Duke West Term II 2014

Prince Nub

Without warning, Brian, the one who brought the term to TIP in the first place, was unanimously named Prince Nub without his consent.


Alex was Brian's roommate, who happened to be the first TIPster to be called nub when he kicked his soccer ball at Prince Nub's ______.


Daniel was a Nub in the Anatomy class. Whenever he got angry, he would threaten to call the Duke Police. One day, he mistakenly called the Duke Police. He has not been heard of since...


J.W., also known as Jongwon, was a master in the art of flicking people off. His fierce middle finger dances would scare away the nubs. Not only was J.W. a master in the art of flicking people off, he was also quite prominent in the area of trolling. Sometimes, he would use Prince Nub's phone to troll people he did not know. In one incident, he told the victims that his name was Mike, and trolled the nub-like victims in Korean.


John was a nub in Mike's RAG who shared the love of B.M.S. with Prince Nub. John was very passionate about many things...especially Ronda Rousey. Somedays, he would be found in his room admiring a very TIPropriate picture of her. He is also a troll, proven when he showed Mike's RAG his I.D. at the end of the term.


Eric was the biggest G on the entire campus. He is also known as The Pickup Truck due to his skills in picking up random girls and then dumping them after two minutes.


Eli, roommate to Eric, lived in the room right across from Prince Nub's dormitory. Therefore, he was a Noble Nub. Eli also liked throwing spiky white balls at random nubs.


Troy, another nub of Mike's RAG was known as the MLG Pro Gamer because of his mad skills in Dota.


Mr. Andrew was also a very prominent nub in Mike's RAG. He would very often fite people and ask older students if they were in Field Studies. He also has some mad disco skills, as seen at TIPsync.


Nathan, perhaps the biggest nub of all time, was another member of Mike's RAG. The reason as to why he is perhaps the biggest nub that has ever lived, was due to his unprecedented action of adding his mother into the RAG group chat. Minutes after the chat was made, a message from "Nathan" appeared saying, "This is Nathan's mom."


Ethan liked throwing thrift shop pants at people. He also enjoyed harassing other nubs with boxes of Cheese-It's. In addition, he was very skilled at scarring people by twerking on cabinets...