Olivia Cain

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Olivia Cain was honestly the worst person I've ever met. She's a total backstabbing bitch with a capital H for Hoe. She should not be trusted because again she's a backstabber. Jk. She left tip as a second year fourth year all years spent at Duke West. Her first year everyone reffered to her as Beyonce because she jokingly said that was her name in her first rag meeting but it stuck. She had a relationship with the epic Jimbo McShane which awkwardly ended when he said it was plutonic the night before the last dance. Her second year she was Beyonce no more and was just Olivia. She walked down the red carpet for the second time with the hype Keegan a.k.a. the long haired dude. She trademarked lit lit lit with three dabs although her classmates constantly tried to steal it from her. She was part of the third place tip sync RAG (YASSSSS KATS RAG) eve though they deserved first. She's all-around the litest fourth year to ever exist and she loves tip and she loves all tipsters. Add her on snapchat: oliviacainteen