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Olivia Caroline Baker is a fourth year at UGA term 2, 2011. She went to ASU her first year, and UGA the other three. She is best friends with Sarah Carag (aka little Sarah), and the two are known for having started the original LezlationTIP. She is famous for her gorgeous long hair, her habit of always being happy, her deer-in-headlights face, and for dating everyone her first year. She is nice to everyone and she is always happy and cheerful. Her hobbies and interests include singing, acting, watching Dexter, shopping, and listening to music. She is obsessed with the Avett Brothers, the Strokes, and Christofer Drew. She plans to attend NYU with Little Sarah as her roommate, though her major changes daily. She is great person and everyone should be her friend. She has a very lovable personality, and is more than just a friend to me. She is family. She likes to shop at Pitaya and have long talks while downtown. She has difficulty when it comes to doorways, but we love her anyway. She left something in her fourth year will to Austin Donmoyer, but has yet to tell him what it is. *hint* -Austin<3

Btw, she's gorgeousss. (:

Aww Olivias so pwetty :D lol she spazzes when she sleeps tho ... this isn't even Little Sarah(;. She enjoys taking creeper pictures, and pictures in general. I wish I could've had more time to get to know her, because she's really amazing at everything she does<3 and I love her. So much(: