Omar Jamil

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Why are you here? Don't you have something better to do? No, you don't.

Omar Jamil

You can call me conceited for making my own page, but honestly, I deserve it? Ok. Let's get started.

Year One Trinity, Term 1, 2016. The founder of the slang "Spicy." Just happened in class one day, and it spread. Took Speculative Fiction. Lots of reading, lots of not caring. I was kinda schlumped all of the time, don't ask me why. My RC was Aisha, a really caring and lovely person. Don't really remember much about my RC group. Except this. About 6 of us partied in a room together till 12? And Aisha came by. All of us, except the actual roommates, hid, and she told them to go to bed. After that, everyone hightailed it out of there. Except there was a loose end. He told Aisha about what happened and all of us got yelled at. Worth it, tbh. So yeah.

Year Two Rice, Term 2, 2017. What a time to be alive. In the process of glowing up. Bryan was my RC. Honestly, one of my favorite people ever. So many hotties that year. ZACH, aka my best friend, and I were tight. Like, tight. It stayed lit. And Caroline, my luv. DYLAN, sorry for being weird. Historical Epidemiology was pretty lit. Made some lifelong friends that year.

Year Three Rice, Term 1, 2018. OH WHAT A YEAR WHAT A YEAR. Let's dive in. Paul was an amazing RC. Didn't care at all? But kinda did. Included some very notable TIPSTERS. Lived on the fourth floor, stairwell B, next to the lounge. OH, the lounge. Since the middle of the first week, I ~danced~ for the enjoyment of everybody there. News spread relatively quickly, and many came to witness my shows, including my instructor Chase, several RCs, and many residential leaders. No one was spared from the dancing that consumed me late at night. Towards the end of the second week, I began hosting exclusive parties in my room. At the peak, there were 8 people till 2 am. Now, remember, I had a smallllll single room. But many things happened in the room. Many many things. Moving on. I took Biomedical Ethics this year. The class was super rigorous, so of course I had to spice things up. The second or third day, at lunch, I and 4 others sat together, and we formed the Fab Five. Through the creation that was Spilk (do not ever drink this, such bad stomach problems will occur, trust me), we formed a bond that was unbreakable. No one was spared. Especially not our classmates, nor the teachers. We were a headache to all. On our final day at dinner, we saluted Spilk off. Again, do not drink this. Very bad. Moreover. TIPsync. GOD, what a struggle. I choreographed "Hey Ya" one day, during 4-5 freetime, and we waited until the day of to rehearse. After roughly 2 hours, we had? it down. It looked bomb. But the competition this year was rough. So five minutes before we went on, a plan was made for a surprise. The original performance went on as planned, but it definitely wasn't peak. So, in the final set of Hey Ya's, I walked to the judges' table, stared them in the eyes, and jumped on the table. GUESS WHAT? I started doing what I did best. You got it right. I started GRINDING. Safe to say, everyone loved it. We never learned who won, though, what a shame. MOVING ON TO LOVE LIFE. Idk man. I loved a lot of people this year. But I could narrow it down to two people. Sophie and Mitch. Sophie was my best friend in class. We kept it real. I asked her out to prom on the final dance. But Mitch, oh! What a man. I loved the guy so much. He was my best friend. I made fun of his allergies everyday. He played hard to get. But I was relentless. He serenaded me most nights with his master ukulele skills, but never allowed me in his room :(. Despite that, we shared many laughs. I'll never forget either of them. Sadly, they were both 4th years. RIP my life. But I will make sure to harass them both for the years to come. Anyways, till next year.