Operation: Crash and Burn

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Crashing and Burning

What started out as normal evening study, learning Middle Eastern geography, soon evolved into what was referred to by the PiME 2013 class as Operation Crash and Burn. The class wanted to do a complex simulation, so they were given a choice by Jess, the TA for the course. They could continue to do geography, study war ethics, or do a simple simulation. The class unanimously decided on making the simple sim complex.

Two or three people were put into teams representing countries. The teams were given a certain number of money, conventional military stockpiles, nuclear military stockpiles, amount of domestic stability, and amount of foreign influence they had on other countries. Teams could also assassinate opposing team members in and out of the sim by putting a sticky note with the victim's name on it under their chair. Assassinations really had no effect if the victim hadn't declared themselves a real-life person. This was sometimes used to people's advantages. A notable examples of this is one of Team Turkey's members declaring themselves the anti-Semitic Prime Minister of Turkey so that Turkey could ally with Israel through the person being assassinated. Other times people declared themselves characters for fun, such as the Royal Baby or the Saudi Arabian princess who in real life was guilty of human trafficking.


Al Qaeda - Emily, JJ

Israel - Ellison, Sarah W.

Saudi Arabia - Courtney, Mitchell

Turkey - Thomas, John

Russia - David, Nikolai, Lucas

Syria - Daniel, Rachael

Syrian Opposition - Michelle

EU - Caroline, Elliott

USA - Michael, Tess, Sarah B.


Israel was conventionally wiped out by a joint operation between Saudi Arabia and Russia, Russia was subsequently nuked by Israel's nuclear submarines. Saudi Arabia was nuked by the USA

Turkey invaded Iraq in a successful effort to unite the Kurdish people. South and West Iraq was annexed by Turkey and North Iraq and South-East Turkey were merged to create the Kurdish state of Derkaderkastan. Terrorists on par with Al Qaeda soon sprouted up in that area.

Al Qaeda saved up their conventional military power and launched successful attacks on all countries involved in the simulation, one of which killed the Royal Baby.

Assad and the Syrian Rebels started peace talks.


The use of twitter was a key part in Operation Crash and Burn. It was used as communication between teams. Some of the twitters still operate to this day.

European Union - @EwitstheEU

Simulation Headquarters (Jess) - @PiME_SHQ

Syria - @SyriaSwag

Syrian Opposition - @Syrianrebelz

Turkey - @TurkeyPiME

United States of America - @theStatesPiME

Russia - @Russiapime

Israel - @pime_israel

Saudi Arabia - @SaudiPIME

Al Qaeda - @alqaedapime