Osama Sakhi

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  • Osama was the man who was introduced to the Modern Programming Rice Term 1 class for the last week.
  • Dis boi attended Georgia Tech for computer science related courses. Osama now is a god at web design, and teaches his yung disciples.
  • Osama is a wonderful dancer. He attended the TiProm, and showed off his extravagant dance moves with the other staff members, and on his own.


  • Osama could be seen in the wilds of the dance floor engaging in copious amounts of dancing.
  • However, whether they were good dance moves is debatable.
  • The man, the myth, the legend was also seen during slow dances dancing with himself.
  • He was very majestic, and could be compared to a large albatross, floating through the dance floor as the bird glides through the air.