Ovi Kabir

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Ovi Kabir- Born Nov. 1996 1st year in TIP was at ASU (Appalachian State University) 2nd year Davidson. Says he had the two best possible RC's ever, "Andrew Bradshaw (1st year) and Duncan Culberth (2nd Year). Ovi=Awesome was what everyone concluded by the end of his 2 terms. He is hoping to go to DUKE EAST next year. Want to know more, Facebook him, he is a pretty chill guy. Lives in Jellico, TN


1 Plays Piano like a BOSS 2 Juggles 3 Beatboxes 4 BreakDances 5 Write poems 6 Athletic (Does Basketball(on Varsity) and Cross Country) 7 Ultimate Frisbee-If theres a Frisbee, he'll catch it-"RC Donald" 8 Smart (But isn't everyone who's in TIP) 9 Drums and Harmonica 10 Freestyle Rap 11 Being smooth with Erin 12: Draws amazingly 13: talks with a slight lisp like he means to.

~Friend of Ovi's~ PS. If you know him, add somemore amazing stuff on here.

Ovi Kabir was an amazing running partner on the morning runs at Davidson... the greatest personality ever to go to Duke TiP @ Davidson!

ps. convinced by rocky to watch birds jumping around on cam