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Paco is a new UGA Term One TiPdition started by the Video Game Programming class of 2011. It all began when Dillon McDermott, a Fourth Year, decided to bring his pink, fuzzy worm, Paco, to TiP with him. Paco gained popularity in the class at an exceedingly fast rate and eventually, Dillon decided to ask his teacher if Paco could be the class mascot. His teacher looked at him in a way that one would look at a person who belongs in a mental institution, but agreed to it. During the third week, as it was nearing the time for the Fourth Year's to write their Wills, Dillon was faced with a decision to make: what would he do with Paco? Was he going to take him with him when he left? No. He chose to keep the spirit of Paco alive by giving him to a Third Year in his class, Brian Hanes; thus, starting the TiPdition. Little Paco is now in the hands of Brian and will be passed down through generations of TiPsters to come.

General Information About Paco

Paco is a pink, fuzzy worm who is half Mexican and half American, or as Brian calls it "Mexicarican". He is known to sleep in hats and backpacks during his down time. NOTE, to all future owners, or family members, of Paco, he must be kept in a temperature controlled environment because he IS cold blooded. Those who have or have had ownership of Paco are considered his family members. Every time he is passed down, his new owner is his father/mother and his previous owner is his grandfather/grandmother.

Family Tree

  • Dillon McDermott: Grandfather
  • Brian Hanes: Father