Pathways to STEM

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Envision Public Schools sponsored the Pathways program

Pathways to STEM was a summer camp held at Wake Forest University during Term II of 2016

The camp compromised of around 300 elementary-aged children in navy blue and white uniforms. They were on campus during weeks 2 and 3. They generally did not understand the function of the cafeteria, and clogged up the flow of food service for a solid 15 meals. The Organizers had set up a ticket-based system for desserts (including soda). The ice cream machine was off-limits during lunch. Most TiPsters can recall an experience of running into the kids or being run into by them. Thankfully, after complaints were filed, the camp was transferred out of the Reynolda Hall cafeteria for the 3rd week, allowing TiPsters to once again enjoy a "peaceful" dining experience.

The camp was known as "The Midgets" and "The Conformists" by most of the tipsters, and their members were known for being jerks to anyone who happened to be in their way. Unfortunately, this story doesn't end well. The WF tipsters, upon their very last day, found the dining hall again filled with midgets. Most tipsters were asked to "Dab", and the popular response was "I would, but unlike you, I'm not an idiot."