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During the second term of 2010 TIP at Duke East, a certain fruit made a major appearance around campus. This fruit was a peach, the most regal of all fruits. This tradition was started by two fourth years, Alex Sugg and Anmol Sinho. One fourth year was named "the peach daddy," and they are in charge of hiding these noble fruits around campus. The tradition was to be passed on to a third year (Charlie Dektar), who would have been named the peach daddy. But the wheels of time and fate turned unfortunately for the Peach Daddy and Charlie did not return to claim his inheritance the next year, causing the death of a most splendid tradition.

Major Peaches on Campus

Although a couple hundred peahces were hidden around campus, some major peaches got the attention of staff. These peaches include the ones on the air conditioners, the awning of the dining hall, the third floor ledge of bassett, and of course, the pedestal of B. Dukes statue. One peach is still rumored to still exist on campus although its location cannot be disclosed at this time.


Haters gonn hate. After planning for quadfest, The residential counselors were prompted to warn the students about peaches. This warning told students that they would be punished by having five minutes taken off of their bed time for every peach that was found.