Pedo de Lobo

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Pedo de Lobo is the name of a stuffed animal Alpaca belonging to the Green Tech class of Georgia term 2, 2014.


Pedo de Lobo means wolf fart in Spanish. However, some sources dispute this, and claim that it means cotton ball. Do not listen to these sources. It means wolf fart.


Pedo de Lobo was commonly used as currency in the Green Tech class, with each student allotted a 30 minute time slot of alpaca time. This time slot could be reduced or taken away as a punishment. It was not uncommon for two students to fight over Pedo de Lobo, while he just watched, egging them on, whispering dark thoughts in their minds. I can still hear him. He is always there. Watching you.


Pedo de Lobo was a prime example of undercover sentience. Pedo allowed his handling as he observed us. Pedo also displayed elements of diabolicalness. Pedo had telepathic capabilities that allowed him to corrupt the hearts of the pure and make them do terrible things. Often, one would come out of their Pedo induced trance, a revolver clutched in their shaking hands, crying why, while the Alpaca gazed silently at his newest victim.


Pedo de Lobo possessed elements of invulnerability,to the point that one might call him imortal. One did not punch Pedo. One's fist was mauled by Pedo's face. One did not strangle Pedo. Pedo simply ate one's finger's through his neck. One did not burn Pedo. Pedo is the fire that consumes all other fire, Pedo is the incessant barbarianism that bubbles under the facade, the joke that we call civilization. we cannot hope to defeat Pedo. Only postpone the inevitability that was Pedo.


Pedo has been known to feed on the failed last wishes of the dying, and the souls of the pure and young. Pedo feeds on all the pain, violence, and fear in the world. Pedo also feeds upon the failed dreams of the discontented, the bitter regrets, longing, nostalgia, the forgotten what ifs of the masses.