Perkins-Bostock Library

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The Perkins-Bostock Library is a library on West campus utilized by TIPsters from both East and West campuses. East TIPsters must take Duke public transportation to get there. It may also be the greatest library known to man, containing walls of televisions, rentable laptops, and movable bookshelves.

The stacks in the lower levels of Perkins are admirable. The stacks can be moved by boss electronic buttons and will not move when a person is detected in an aisle. The lights down there are on but a bit creepily dim. However, when descending to the stacks, one should not take the service elevator, for it is remarkably sketchy and could get one stuck. While taking the service elevator, it is customary to worry for one's wellbeing. The stacks are a fun place to escape from teachers' hawk eyes.