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Peter Bushman's first term at Duke TiP was at East Term 2, 2008. He attended the Screenwriting class, and gave the class its personality. He is well known for his sneaky walk, his epic dance skills, his infinite knowledge of Dr. Who, and his excellent performances in various skits during the term, his love/hate relationship with Oldies music, and his love of England. However, his fame really comes from Bearmaggedon.

During the first week of class, each student was required to come up with a movie idea and write a logline for it. Peter's movie was Bearmaggedon. It, indeed, focused on the taking over of this world by the Bearpire, and was followed by ideas (such as Truth or Bear and Pandapocalypse) for many other bear movies and a spinoff sitcom, Bearly Legal.

"In a post-apocalyptic future, bear have gained sentience and eliminated the human race. A small band of humans start the rebellion against the bearpire." -Peter Bushman on Bearmaggedon

Peter Bushman had a caffeine addiction at TIP, often having two glasses of coke at breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with anywhere from 2-4 cans in free times. One day, he ran out of change and bought an old-fashioned bottle of coke from the store, forgetting to use the bottle opener they provide. He then went around Alspaugh's second floor hallway trying to open it on everything he could see. He then additionally tried most of the contents of Zach and Hyun's room, to no avail. He stuck to cans after that.

Note: Peter was the only person I've ever known to break his key.

Peter is perhaps the most loved second year at TIP! I LOVE YOU, PETER!

Peter also has his own official Facebook Fan Club, located here: