Peyton Parker

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Peyton Parker is a radical leftist with a hat that will make your hat jealous. Well known for the overworn hat, radical personality, and artful head banging, Peyton also eats the same thing for dinner every night. Peyton is known to occasionally snapchat people close ups of their faces. They take about 50 selfies a day, and hugs everybody on departure day. Dubbed "a radical personality" by Michael Cairo. Peyton is often found hanging out with Parker Cox, Alton Wiggers, William Anderson, Morgan Carr, Carson Jones, and Alexis Timmons. If you find Peyton in the halls they're probably taking a selfie or ignoring everyone, because those are their two things. Peyton is best known for the time at UGA Term 2015 Talent Show where they stated "If God hates ugly people, God hates Republicans, so it's no problem to me," only to have the microphone taken from them. While Peyton can be eccentric like this, Peyton also is extremely kind and supportive. Peyton is an amazing person, and every Tipster who has met them is lucky to know them. Peyton's Will: To the Jacobs in my RC group, I bestow razors for shaving and two copies of Gotha. To Carson, I leave a hatred for anime that burns bright with the might of 1,000 ancient suns. To Alton, I leave a placard "most likely to". The rest is blank because you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. To Bora, I leave the question "How did your TIP experience go?" and a warm high five. To Parker, I leave my walkman and some chill vibes. To my roommate Kyler, I leave 50 more water bottles and a pillow since Bora always think you look tired. To Liam, I leave my drivers license. To Nihal, I leave a pair of Jordans and two chains (though I've seen you have a few on). To Henry, I leave a copy of Capital. To Kelemet, I leave a DVD of Space Jam. To Barrie, I leave my Big Kronda. To Brandie, I leave a Dominos coupon with a piece of my pop-punk attitude. To Faith, I leave with you a thankfulness for the memories and the knowledge that I will remember you for centuries. To Morgan, I leave a facial expression that will make you question. To Steven, I leave so much thankfulness for helping me to have the best TIP experience I could hope for. To Teddy, I leave the fact that I am impressed. To Dakotah, I leave two hugs on weekdays. To Cassidy, I leave some cookies I think sunshine wanted me to give to people. And finally, to all of Duke TIP (including my lads Eren, Izel, Aaron, Maddie, Vera, Sunshine, Alexis, and Kirk who are at different campuses or aged out) I give so many tears and so much gratefulness for making these three months something I will never forget.