Philosophy: mind and meaning

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Very possibly the most superb course in the history of TIP, Philosophy: Mind and Meaning explores major philosophers and philosophical themes, including Plato, Descartes, Hume, Nietzsche and James. The relative merits of ducks and llamas-- and the prevalence of duck-related injury among TIPlets-- also comprise a vital portion of the course. Traditionally, Philosophy is taught by The Glorious Meredith Farmer, a long-time TIPlet and overwhelmingly cool individual.

Term 1, 2007
The Term 1 class of 2007, TA'd by Luke, will undoubtedly find itself at the center of many future gems of TIP lore and tradition. Notable events and inside jokes from this exemplary three weeks include but are by no means limited to:
-Adam Wilson's Lemur, now an East relic (see Term 1, 2008)
-The Por Que Plank, also now an East relic (see Term 1, 2008)
-An Enquiry Concerning The Facial Hair of Puppies
The majority of students during this term were third- and fourth-years. The term's class shirt is maroon with white lettering: the words "-ness / can't touch this" on the front and an overwhelmingly artistic rendering of Puppies in a Box (the box sporting the words 'profondly gifted') on the back.

Term 1, 2008
Due to the depth with which tales of the sheer superiority of the Term 1 2007 were spread, the 2008 course was consistently influenced by the members and traditions of the previous year. The Lemur of Adam Wilson made many an appearance; Emily Rose, spouse of disciple Cara Weisman, visited the class for a glorious fifteen minutes near the end of the term. The TA of this class was Cara (different from the above), who may or may not have attended classes in a cat suit. Notable events from the term included:
-Consumption of green army men
-The quality of being a letter A
-The strategic release into the populace of golf tees, in varying colours
-An enigmatic but entirely TIPpropriate slogan to accompany the golf tees
-Dog training
-A failed attempt at dog training involving jam and/or preserves in the flavours of strawberry and grape
-A very long cat
A record of humorous quotes was kept in the form of a box of index cards and will be uploaded in some form to facebook as soon as the box's caretaker ceases existence in the Form of laziness.
The class shirt is light blue with white lettering: on the front, the phrase "Tee Up For TIP" and an image of a golf tee; on the back, the words "The world is about accruing power so you have something to play with," justified right and next to a white box with the word "Hume" in small, blue lettering in the bottom-right corner.

At the Talent Show of Term 1, 2008, the Por Que plank was passed down by Jordan S.-V. onstage for the first time as a TIP relic. Additionally, Adam Wilson's Lemur was passed down, although not during the talent show.

In short, Philosophy at East is generally one of the most fulfilling, exciting, rewarding, incredible experiences in the lives of those who are fortunate enough to have chosen to participate in it. Any and all current TIPsters who are reading this article should consider themselves strongly advised to select it.