Philosophy UGA 2016

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What does it mean to know something?

That's what 18 kids were told to question for three weeks their 2016 year of Duke TiP.

They studied epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, Adam Sandler movies, Guy Fieri, Tommy Wiseau, and how the internet relates to Plato and Aristotle.

They also became best friends (and family). Here's a little bit about what they went through together.

Read our final projects over on this website.


- Professor: JB (our hero, white male with a beard)

- TA: Madeleine (Margarita)

Class Members:

2nd Years:

- Kate

- Anabel

- Katherine

- Michael

- Shannon

3rd Years:

- Elise

- Hot (Tepid) Colin

- Zach

- (Ballin') Collin with 2 L's

- Sarah

- Sheena

- Sophie

- Luke

- Tyler

- Sophie

Fourth Years:

- Indy

- Wil

- Hadley

- Sabrina

Honorary Classmates:

- Our Savior Mr. Andie

- PBS Idea Channel Guy

- Tommy Wiseau

- Guy Fieri

- Adam Sandler

- Kevin James

- The Guy From Nickelback

- Dat Boi

- The Cast of Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill"

- That Lord Farquaad lookin guy

Class Culture:

- Nanar Films & Quotes - One of the first few days of class, a few kids realized they all loved terrible movies. These included classics such as Tommy Weiseau's "The Room," Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" & "Grown Ups 2," Kevin James' "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," and "Troll 2." They quoted these movies enough, shouting "I'm FED UP with this wORld!" that JB and Madeleine decided to show the class a video on "nanar" films. "Nanar" is the technical term for a movie so bad, it's good. Ever since we learned about it, we'd become obsessed with it, bringing up nanar in and out of class discussion.

- Movie Sunday - Every Sunday, the entire class (including our teachers!) would gather in the piano room and watch a movie. During the term, the class watched "Jack and Jill," and "Troll 2." Once we'd watched them, we would philosophically analyze them. (but WHY does Jill have the chocolate squirties?)

Class Memes:

- Dat Boi (o tip waddup!)

- Quality Goggles

- Nickelback

- Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Paul Blart: FLESH MALL),

- In NorthWest Georgia...

- on the bus to flaVORTOWN,

- "Beige is the color of mediocrity!"

- Moist (Sorry Anabel)

- It's Ya Sista!

- The Trash Man

- Me Old Bones

- SURGE!!!!

- The other people on the bus think we are all crazy

Prom philosophy2016.jpeg

The class at prom!

Mr andiee.jpg

The man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Andie.