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Pie Are Square is the restaurant where breakfast and lunch was served weekdays Term I & II 2008 at Texas A&M. It is quite a bit away from the dorms, and students must travel there in groups of five or more. Which is useful in the first day or so because of the fact that no one really remembers the way there the first few days. Breakfast had horrible food. No exceptions. If you go there, get the pastries, don't touch the hash browns. Lunch is better. They have three places open; Mexican food, a sandwich place, and the TIP special. The Mexican food is amazing, the TIP special is NOT PRO-VEGETARIAN, and the sandwich place owns. They have really good sushi in the fridge-type thing where they keep the bottled drinks, but it's expensive, so watch how much you buy or you will max out your card. Lines there are always long, and have been known to need to curve and take up the space usually needed by TIP special. There usually isn't a line at the TIP special, but the food is apparently horrible, and the rest of TIP gets Mexican food. The chairs are bouncy and awesome.

The restaurant name Pie Are Square comes from the formula to determine the area of a circle: TTr^2 (pi*radius squared)

In Term I of 2010, Pie Are Square was used for lunch only, while Sbisa served breakfast. TIP specials remained, but there was a new "To-Go" pizza option with a "delicious" crust.

When using their card, TIP students get a meal, 1 side item (a side item ranged from to chips, to cookies, to candy bars), and a soft drink.

In 2011, Term One, Sbisa was used for breakfast and dinner, while Pie R Square was used for lunch, and was MUCH more popular than Sbisa. Tipsters were encouraged to only spend 8$ per day, to keep them from running out of money. In the last couple of days, TIPsters attempted to spend the remainder of their funds on candy, chips, and such. When they tried to pay for these, many were told by the Check Register Workers that they could not sell to the students because they still had two days left. Those who were able to make their purchases were much envied on the last night. It is also noted that the "TIP Special" is no longer in existence, and as has been previously mentioned, the Mexican Food and the sandwich lines, the sushi and To-go Freschetta pizza were the only edible things apparently on campus.

In 2012 Term 1 Pie R Square was used for lunch only while students ate breakfast and dinner at the MSC and Rudder. As in 2011 TiPsters during the final days of the term spent all their money on candy,chips,soda etc. This led to a daily scrabble for candy from the candy rack before it became empty (usually between 5-20 minutes after the first group arrived). The large candy orders and the massive spending led to many TiPsters struggling to survive the last day without money. Coincidentally the amount of candy was to much to take back to class then back to Moses so on the last night of TiP a crate full of candy was delivered to the front door of Moses Hall.