Pineapple Fam

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The Pineapple Fam was the best RC group of Duke TIP ever. They were Ijele's group at Rollins College, Term 2


  • Bria
  • Marissa
  • Kate
  • Carmalina
  • Emiko
  • Sammie
  • Jenny
  • Courtney
  • Aksheta
  • Lena
  • Jessica
  • Mary
  • Margaret
  • Eveyln


Lena was the most perf dolphin ever to exist. Everyone felt it when she made dolphin noises and it nearly gave Margaret a heart attack when Lena made the noises while Margaret was asleep. No one could deny that Lena would one day turn into a magical blond dolphin and fulfill her destiny


  • Singing
  • Stalking Tonte
  • Taking Selfies with Tonte
  • Eating
  • More singing
  • Getting Injured
  • Salsa


Mia is the OTP of the Pineapple Fam. Bria and Margaret were shipped together as soon as everyone heard that Margaret proposed to Bria via singing 'Love is an Open Door". Sammy and Emiko were going to be Margaret's bridesmaids and Marissa was going to officiate the ceremony, but sadly the wedding was called off because Bria fell for Ben and Margaret was heartbroken. Mia is still shipped in the Fam's hearts though.