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Olisa's RC Group

This page is for Olisa's RC group.

2015 Term 2

  • Suyash Chandak AKA "The Negotiator"

Complains when he doesn't get soccer, when there is no soccer, and soccer.

  • Reed Tillenghast AKA "The Balance"

Made secret backroom deals with Chris to desert the RAG. Was mentally hijacked and persuaded that the cookies were, in fact, better.

  • Chris Pinto AKA "The Riddler

Deserted the RAG

  • James Deloye AKA "The Animated One"

Has probably the cleanest brain in all of TIP. Also obsessed with tennis.

  • Zane Ice AKA "The Cereal Advocate"

Carries a Tupperware container to breakfast everyday for the sole purpose of holding the cereal he is going to eat.

  • Dries Raets AKA "The Judge"

Kept a bridge made of popsicle sticks in his room. Hides behind the door sometimes during RAG meetings.

  • Ben Sun AKA "The Mad Scientist"

Made a bot to play Agar.io one night when he got bored. Cracked the Wi-Fi Password on the third week. Has ALL THE BUTTONS. Stays up late working on Debate speeches. Watches award-winning movies at night with suite mates (Southpark: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut and World War Z). Freezes cotton candy for no reason. Went a day without eating because he felt like it. Carries an umbrella everywhere, unless he needs it. Spends some nights ensuring his 65th place global ranking in Geometry Dash is unbested. Poked himself with an unraveled spring (accidentally?) and wrote people's names in blood.

  • Riley Dodd AKA "The Road Runner"

Finds all the ways to not normally sit in a chair. Has all the popcorn. Has all the bottled waters. Found the most innovative way to empty water bottles: By dumping them on the bathroom floor. Broke tablet playing Geometry Dash. Freezes the weirdest things.

  • Anatolie Yashin AKA "The Daredevil"

Makes at least 5 TWSS jokes at every meal. Had a birthday during TIP. Planning to invade North Korea at age 17 for MOTHER RUSSIA!!!

  • John Patrick McLouglin AKA "The Chameleon"

Watches movies with suite mates. Receives a MASSIVE care package every week (Big enough to hold a human and/or the trash Ben cleans up from their room)


  • In-Salt-ing: Dumping salt into someone's drink for no good reason other to give the target a nice surprise
  • As-Salt-ing: Throwing salt at someone. Also can be done to self.
  • That's Debatable/Statistically Speaking: Used often in conjunction to return a comment e.g. "You can't catch a frisbee!" "That's Debatable" "Well, Statistically speaking..."
  • Stones and bones may break my sticks but words may never hurt me!: Another use of a class name in an unusual way.
  • Oh it's just beyond Baker Street/The Lemonade Stand: We made all the class name references

Mealtime Activities

  • People (Especially James) go watch tennis on the TV.
  • Playing the knife game until Olisa or another RC tells them it's too loud.
  • Making the weirdest concoctions at the drink machine and drinking it (95% Mtn Dew + 5% Pepsi= PERFECT BEER COLOR!!!)
  • Pouring salt into other people's drinks until Olisa stopped it
  • Sniffing salt/Pepper
  • Napkin Whistling (Grass whistling except with a napkin)
  • "Borrowing" gloves from the cafeteria (I don't think they want the gloves back)
  • And last but not least... Eating.

Freetime Activities

  • Rolling down the halls with a rolling chair
  • Going to the book store
  • Watching movies (Some official, some unofficial)
  • Going to the library (To play Agar.io)
  • Writing people's names in blood (Ben)
  • Youtube