Pratima Thoughts

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Pratima Bajaj was in Tara's RC group at Davidson Term 1 2012 and became friends with many of the girls in her group. Pratima had a very "sexy imagination." She came up with some of the most disturbing things that anyone has ever heard, including The Scene. We all loved her for her amazing ability to turn anything into a sexual act, and if anyone said anything pervy it was dubbed a "Pratima Thought." She also made it her goal to corrupt the minds of everyone in her RC group and in her class . She succeeded in corrupting the minds of pretty much everyone but Anna, whose mind was already corrupted.

The Scene

Pratima used her imagination to create the most disgusting thing that anyone has ever thought of, The Scene. If someone said the word scene around the girls in Tara's RC group, they'd burst into laughter. All except for Alex of course, who'd turn bright red. Nobody else will ever know what the scene was, but it was so absolutely horrifying that nobody should want to know.