Pretty Boy

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Pretty Boy was a person from Davidson Term II in 2011, in Brandon's Rag. To protect his privacy, his name is omitted.


On the very first day of the Term, Brandon's RAG was to meet the RAG from the floor above them, which consisted entirely of girls. Pretty Boy emerged from the bathroom slicking his hair back at the moment they arrived. Thus his name came to be.


Several problems trailed Pretty Boy. During a card game, he shouted a curse word loud enough for the RC to hear him (being first years, this rule was a little bit more enforced). All but two of the members of the rag were punished until someone confessed. He never did, but the RC eventually took the other Tipsters' word for it.

In another incident, Pretty Boy threw an opened can of Ax body spray down the hall, releasing a fog that permeated every room, inducing mass nausea.

In yet another incident, Pretty Boy awoke his roommate in the middle of the night to punch him. After this he was forced to live in the flu ward for the remainder of the term.

At the end of the Term, the RAG selected a shirt design which read "Pretty Boy did it" followed by a Nike Swoosh (This was a personal touch by the RC).

Pretty Boy's roommate created a parody of "All I do is win", by DJ khaled, T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross for the occasion. The lyrics follow:

All he does is cuss, cuss, cuss no matter what. Got a potty in his mouth and he can't get it out, And every time he walks into the building, Brandon yells at US And makes us have to go to bed at ten, at ten 'Cause all he does is cuss, cuss, cuss