Primate Biology: Lemurs, Lorises, and Bushbabies Duke West 2015 T1

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Instructor: Nichelle

TA: Caroline

Location: Duke Lemur Center Description: Primate Biology was a class where you got Candy for answering a question correctly, you got to watch lemurs all day. And at the end of the day during evening study you got to lean on couches instead of at desks.

Relationtips (most fake):

  • Jock- Jack and Jo
  • Kestrella- Kestrel and Ella because they hated eachother so fiercely
  • Benanna- Ben and Anna, just becaused it sounded like Banana
  • Colbanna- Colby and Anna
  • Eclaire- Ella and Claire (in an attempt to kill off Kestrella)


  • Guys: Josh, Amit, Anson, Colby, Jack, Ben, and Kestrel.
  • Girls: Rachel (Crisp),Emily (Jo), Ella, Anna, Rachel, Claire, and Stephanie.

Class Moments:

  • Playing Uno and Joshing it (quitting the game)
  • Messing with Kestrel (Taking his phone, wallet, shoes, and picking him up)
  • Kestrella
  • Disney Sing a longs (favorite songs: Frozen and I'll make a man out of you)
  • The Lemur Song
  • Class Competition (Won by Jo who got a trophy, Second Place Claire, and Third Place Ella)
  • Being Primates
  • Ruffy the Red Ruffed Lemur (named and watched by Ella and Crisp whhen they got bored watching twins Princess Julien 1 and 2)
  • Watching Lemurs
  • Walking into the Enclosures
  • Anson being Arboreal and climbing up trees
  • The one day we got to lunch on time and we were still late