Princess Ogochukwu Valerie Bernard-Oti

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Princess Ogochukwu Valerie Bernard-Oti
Ogo enjoying her snack of choice, a healthy and wholesome protein bar
Campus(es) ASU, Rice
Attended 2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Theatre Arts, Cold War, Ideals in Action
RAG(s) Whitney- Samantha's, Tiki's, Yuna's
Roommate(s) Emily Anthone
Social Media

Campus Term Year Class RC Group Roommate
Appalachian State 1 2013 Theatre Arts Samantha's Southern Belles pending
Rice University 2 2014 Cold War Tiki's Torches Emily Anthone
Rice University 3 2015 Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale Yuna's RC Group pending


What can be said about Princess that is important or original?


  • Rejected Jace Nations at the last dance

Years at TiP