Programming for Video Games West Term 1 2017

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Class Members


“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Boss Ross
  • Sam
  • Sam
  • Sam
  • Samuel
  • William
  • Will
  • B Smith
  • Smith
  • Smith
  • Baker
  • Baker
  • Rahul


  • Sam


  • Jonas

Individual Projects

  • Pong
  • Black Jack
  • Oregon Trail
  • Simon
  • Coin Flip

Group Projects

List of known Memes/Inside Jokes

  • “Actually, I’m genius” – an employed programmer
  • while(true){
   return false;


T-Shirt Design

Due to a brutal storm that swept across the campus, the students had to stay within the cafeteria instead of going to the evening study. While sheltered from the storm, the students came up with a wonderful and unique design that captured the essence of what it means to be a programmer and was altogether completely different that to what we ended up with. This change in design came about from a computer error which deleted nearly an hours work of planning, designing, and execution of our design. Below is a quick design that we settled on to meet the deadline.

T-Shirt Design