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Project Dixie, A tradition started at Texas A&M, Term 1, 2012, In which Fourth year Tipsters sneak out of the dorm at 2:15 in the morning.(This is crucial, as it is when the RCs switch night shifts.). This was the Brainchild of Tipster Konstantine, Who came up with the general idea of sneaking out and Tipster James Hutson, Who choose the intended destination of the outing, which was the Dixie Chicken, Thus creating the name of the Tradition.

Project Dixie: 2012

As the first group to attempt this tradition, the Tipsters had to come up with an original strategy for sneaking out, (This strategy is suggested to any future TAMU Tipsters attempting this endeavor.), In which, in groups of two, starting from one person's room (In this case Konstantine's) And snuck down to the first floor, into a friendly second years room, and out the window, Or that was the plan. The first two to leave were James Hutson and Alejandro Calvo, who carried their shoes and got to the second floor undetected, but sentry RCs on the first floor pinned them down in a Girls bathroom on the second floor for twenty minutes. At which point, James was able to get to the second years room, only to find that Konstantine was already there, and the door was too squeaky to attempt to get anymore Tipsters in without arousing suspicion. Tipsters Tate Overbey and Marc Anthony Garcia, two good men, where lost in the no man's land between the fourth and first floors, captured by the RCs. While James and Konstantine were sneaking out of the window, Alejandro and Corey Sery were stuck in the bathroom on the first floor, with the sentry pacing the hall. While James and Konstantine attempted to formulate a plan to get them out, they just ran out the side exit, setting of the alarm, which cued a mad dash to the parking lot and a Dive behind a large construction truck. It was rumored that the RCs heard the alarm but the Tipsters were so quick that they were unseen. After they were sure that no one knew of their absence, the four musketeers ( Alejandro, James, Corey and Konstantine) Decided to head to McDonald's for a midnight snack. While en route, the group was ambushed by a large skunk, the worst hit of which was Konstantine, who the other three forced to eat two tables down in order to avoid the stench. Thus, upon leaving Micky d's, they proceeded to go to the gas station to buy V8 tomato juice for when he got back to the dorm. For the final amusement, James suggested going to the bonfire memorial, to which the others obliged, and once there, they discussed the meaning of life, and watched the sun rise over the memorial. On the walk back, there was discussion about how lucky they were to live at in a place that offered opportunities such as TIP, and other general philosophy. To keep from getting discovered, the group waited until 6:30 and the blended in with the group going for the morning run, never to get caught.