Project Lollipop

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Project Lollipop, Alternatively known as Project "get dick sucked", is a Tradition at Texas A&M, started Term 1, 2012. It Included three Tipsters, Alejandro Calvo, James Hutson and Konstantine. The three pledged to each ask a girl to suck there dick before the last day of camp, (It is worth noting that they decided to do this only two days before camp ended), and they each had to name a No.1 and No.2.

Project Lillipop: 2012

Alejandro: Abby Porter and Shelby Rae

James: Sarina Angell and Maurya Dickerson. (Although he did ask a third girl, Elizabeth Metzger, just for the hell of it)

Konstantine: Brittany Fitzgerald and MJ Cordero

How They went about it:

Alejandro: Not much Is known about how this Tipster attempted to succeed in this tradition, but it is known he did not get a blowjob

James: This Tipster started by asking his no.1, Sarina, to the last dance, hoping to establish interest and build from there. However, after realizing how sweet and innocent the girl was, James decided it would be best not to try to get in her pants and just be a good guy and be a good first kiss. It should also be noted that upon asking Elizabeth, said Tipster got shot down like a Luftwaffe Fighter in the battle of Britain. He totally forgot about his second choice Maurya and she carried on unscratched, laughing on the sideline.

Konstantine: Taking the Direct approach, after a pep talk from James, consisting of "If they say no,YOLO.", he walked strait up to Brittany and said "BLOWJOB?" to which the response was a delayed "Hell no". after failing with NO.1, he attempted with NO.2, but this time attempting to buy the services with a Snickers, which also failed. He then preceded to try to bribe NO.1 with the Snickers, that didn't work. However, If he had used a Twix, he would have got some action. EDIT: when the twixx candy bar was offered, NO.1 stated that while she DID indeed love Twixx, she would not suck his dick.

Post Reaction: The reaction of the poor victims ranged from amused (but refusal), angered no, sarcastic look (annoyed refusal), pure bitch mode (gonna bust a pimp up if i see him again), and no response. These expressions enough made the whole project worth the endeavor.