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2011 Term 2

Teacher: Daniel Bullock TA: Olivia Mahony

(This page is relevant to Psychology @ Davidson (pretty much 2011 Term II because we're the coolest.)

In Psychology, minds are melted with some of the following tactics:

  • the Befuddler
  • 1 vs 5 (aka Daniel is a bad doctor)
  • split corpus callosum
  • hallucinations
  • hypnotism
  • RUSSIANS and their wonderful Krokodil (which we all know Dan loves)

and the like

Also a LARGE part of the curriculum is techno music. Thank you, Daniel.

You know you were in this class if you read the word VIA and laugh. Also if you never want to see a periodic table belt again. If you have memories of "discreetly" following people and taking notes, watching certain people interestingly express anger, many phenomena, no one understanding the concept of two truths and a lie, a class member who was never in our class (but certainly in love with Dan), spending 2 hours on a T-shirt design we didn't use, watching Dan react to Popsicle stick jokes, and dancing amazingly to "Barbra Streisand", you know you were part of 2011 Term II @ Davidson. And cool people call Dan "Jasper." It is also a well-known fact that Dan & Olivia are so together but they're just denying it.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, DANIEL (which would be weird) WE KNOW YOUR AGE!!!!!! KIND OF!! ALSO YOU CAN'T REALLY COMMENT ON HARRY POTTER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, ANGER ABOUT THAT STILL EXISTS (arm wave, giggle, FLAILING MOTION, "grr", "NO I'M NOT ANGRY", "shutup, David my anger is not funny." FLAIL! you people know who wrote this, but oh well, you don't want me angry, it's Daniel's fault for... being Daniel. And not answering personal questions the first time around.)!!!!!

Psychology is just awesome. Well, we're special. Oh well. No one else gets to hallucinate in a "TIProriate" way, so... yeah. And thanks for the cupcakes, Megan. They rocked. When Yangyang is the next famous philosopher, we will have called it. PSYCHOLOGY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

Term 1 (the coolest in an ETHICAL sense): Daniel Bullock is man of many words. He enjoys techno-music, and is very protective of his tabs. He wears shirts he's had since 3rd grade, and his boxers up to his belly button. His pants are pretty cool, but his shoes are the best!! His TA is Olivia. She is very pretty and is also the 'halo'. Daniel and Olivia are meant for each other. There's no way around it. Olivia may have had a little competition late in the game, but they were easily pushed off. Daniel and Olivia can only dance in one way. This style was examplified in the halloween dance when two TIPsters dressed as them. One large arguement that was often touch based on, was whether or not Daniel, being a vampire, was ethical. Of his family, we know they own some type of farm, most likely a tobacco one. His uncle is supposedly pschizophrenic, which did, infact, answer a few unsolved mysteries. Although his age was not discovered until the last day, his juvenile perspective kept the class rallied (Olivia didn't enjoy the craziness as much). Daniel often made sure that his students knew that their temporal lobes were very much damaged. We disagreed with him, only to find out, that his was freshly finished developing. He hates sunlight, he has very pale skin, and his veins are about the size of Manhatten. He has a shorter hair cut, but post-TIP, many of us found out, he previously sported, the "i'm a man with girl's hair" look. As previously stated, "cool people call Dan "jasper"", well this actually was started many terms ago, and the rights to it are still in question. This name comes from the famous series The Twilight Saga in which Dan largely resembles a character played by Jackson Rathbone. Unlike other terms, a tear drop was actually produced (but quickly swiped away) by the strangely large eyes of this mysterious creature on the last day of the term in class. Another note of the Halo relationship was that they "coincidentally" ate very similar foods, including the well known fact that they don't drink soda. Ironically, Daniel is perfectly fine with drinking one's blood. :) The other way that Dan became famous was through the song. In the infamous website of Duck Sauce, Daneil promptly inserted his name, creating his own version of the song that quickly caught on and was largely endorced by Max at the dances. Luv u max!

Term 2 2012

  • Maybe we should write cheese on him...
  • So your cowboy looks like Chris...
  • Gotta find Jason!
  • You failed all your stages
  • From a Freudian POV...
  • Keep talking, I'm psychoanalyzing you

This was my class! Oh, our crazy inside jokes..I miss everyone! -Ally <3

Term 1 2018

Teacher- Brianna Pfeuffer (she/her) TA- Tristen Burleson (they/them)

  • Out-gaying each other
  • Ava strangling her hamster ("I did not kill Martha!")
  • Tristen being constantly done
  • Crying in class
  • "I'm not trying to be relatable, i'm just sad"
  • Everyone being depressed except like 2 people
  • We're all still scarred by that documentary
  • "Wait, ants bite?"
  • "My name upside down and backwards is Nemo."
  • "Dog!" -Owen, like thirty times (He tripped once)
  • Watching Doctor Strange: "That can be a psychology thing!"
  • The myths and legends class LISTENING TO BEYONCE WE CAN HEAR YOU GUYS
  • "Everyone's opinions are valid, his are just wrong."
  • "The baby has to think the world's a safe place." "They'll learn." -McKenna
  • Owen jumping onto that wall and CUTTING HIS LEG OPEN ON THE FIRST DAY

I dont know where else to leave a message so i just wanna say that i had a great time with you guys, from owens epic wall jump, to ava's confession, ill never forget you psychology 2018 -david

Term 2 2018

Teacher and TA same as Term 1 2018 (obviously)

  • "Smells like marinara sauce." -Bailey
  • There's a BEEEEEEEEEE? and Codrin's fear of bees.
  • Boppin' Brutus (Bailey) and her defection to Creative Writing. Ugh. (CW is the OG! they’re the best)
  • Bailey's laugh echoing through the multiverse. (As you can see, Bailey spawned a lot of jokes.)
  • Tristen's newly discovered colorblindness to red-pink and blue-purple.
  • Puhlop (Palak) falling 20 times in a row.
  • Will's Dr. Seuss moment.
  • Codrin's crippling Run 3 addiction.
  • Josh, the Creative Writing teacher, denying us constantly.
  • This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito.
  • "Don't worry, I'll AirDrop it to you guys!"
  • "Yes, ma'am." -Codrin, the Southern gentleman.
  • "Wut?" -Jonathan
  • Kuhu and her spinich.

Honestly, this has been the most fun I've had in a while. So many great jokes have been made, and a tight-knit group has been formed out of our class. Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful term happen. -John Sansone (John Samsung), Term 2 at Davidson, 2018

Psychology Term 2, 2019

Instructor: Dashana Ta: Jess

  • Dashana and Jess are the BEST!!
  • “Derek the Brain!
  • The brain song, in general!
  • so many skittles, yet never enough skittles
  • “Lafayette”
  • “DUH-sha-na”
  • “Have a chocolate”
  • “Debread my nugs”
  • “I’m gonna show you something that’s not”
  • ben and all the mature stuff that comes out of his mouth
  • Kahoooooooots!
  • RIP lil albert
  • The gossip table!!!!
  • We made a whole class group chat with Mia's mom in it instead of her accidentally lol
  • ”We Love You Brother Bernard!!!!!”