Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics

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I can't believe this page didn't exist.

West Term 2 2017

This PODM class was fairly lit. Our TA was Ella and our instructor was Hailey. We watched way too many TED talks. Gabi's dad also came in on the last day to teach us stuff. It was cool.


  • Isabel Bradford
  • Josh
  • Khalil
  • Keegan
  • Andrew
  • Oscar
  • Simran
  • Samuel (Arjun)
  • Matthew
  • Chris
  • Gabi (Gubi)
  • Allison
  • Ainsley
  • Cara
  • Bella
  • Maya

Jokes: We didn't have too many private jokes. Our main thing was Fruit Salad (yummy yummy) and the Wiggles in general.

Make sure to check out Matthew's YouTube channel Matt and Cheese and Ella Siversten's instagram.