Pudding Fling

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The pudding fling was by far the best event at Hootfest (Rice Term 1 2018). Ryan the RC was in charge of holding this amazing event yet he didn’t know how to exactly man it. The simple rules given to the contestants were to lay on the ground and put the pairs head together(two pairs per team) and then fling pudding from the cup with a spoon into the other partners mouth. Ella S. and Emma Jungman were the queeeeeeeeeeens of the competition by making sure the rules they were given weren’t thought out. By this mean, they decided to do the fling by how fast they could do it, not by how neat they would look in the end. After dominating all the other pairs Emma and Ella finished first in their group with a good covering of pudding everywhere. Though their team(PINKLE!) came in 4th due to other speedy competitive students finishing soon after. In the end, the two girls were smuggled in their own chocolate pudding and decided to give free hugs to anyone who was willing to revive one from the pair.