Purple Crew

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Originated at Davidson Term 2 '09. Members included: Adam Hooven, Allison Ryder, Rebecca Enniss, James Cobb, Andrew Drake, Caroline Todd, Arjun Gupta, Ehi Ihionikan(or something like that), and Fiona (All the boys in Corey's rag were said members as seen in the term book, the girls were not included). The purpose of the purple crew, was being incredibly cool, while sporting the ever popular ductape(specifically purple). This duct tape was supplied by Fiona, a second year at the time. Rumored to be a gang, but un-confirmed due to its "TIPpropriate-ness". There was in fact a handshake/symbol used by members. One slaps hands, then jumps back with crossed arms, saying "Represent!" Many other TIPsters tried to join but were denied. The purple crew continued through the year, but was not able to meet for 2010 due to all of the boss second years attending different campuses.