Queen of the Queers

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The Queen of Queers is a Duke East Term 2 tradition that embodies the spirit of TiP. It is passed down every year after the Talent Show to an LGBTQ+ Tipster who is accepting and supportive. It is meant to represent unity and solidarity, as well as the fact that TiP is a safe place for everyone. It is passed down in the form of a ring from the Queen of the previous year to the new one. It has been around since at least 2014, although it likely was around before that.

Previous Holders

  • 2015: Cat Clayton
  • 2016: Ella Cat Strahan
  • 2017: Lyn Campbell
  • 2018: Andrew Compton
  • 2019: Stormy Fowler/Ren Schiffer
  • 2020: Anadys Rodriguez


  • A ring (Replaced in 2016 by Ella Cat because the previous one broke, replaced again in 2017 by Lyn because she managed to find a ring shaped like a crown)
  • A Queen of the Queers button (Added as well in 2017, a button with an LGBT flag that says "Queen of the Queers")