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Quoinism is a pseudo-cult that dates to 2015. It originated at Davidson campus during Term 2 of that year when the RC Quon called his RC Group his children which led to them calling him Papa Quon and founding Quonism. The news of Quonism was spread to Duke West Campus in 2016 Term 2. Most recently, Quoinism has been observed holding prayer in Georgia Tech as early as 2017 Term 1.

Important figures in Quonism

Papa Quon

The original figure in Quonism. He was an RC at Davison Campus in 2015. Quonists believe the world began at Quon's birth which was many thousands of years ago. The historical accuracy of this statement is debated. He is honored by the singing of the song "O Papa Quon." The lyrics are as follow "O Papa Quon O Papa Quon Our lord and savior Papa Quon"

Uncle Brian

Another figure in Quonism. He was an RC at Davidson Campus in 2015.

Second Cousin Once Removed Ike

Figure in Quonism. He was an RC at Duke West in 2016. He is honored by the chanting of "Ike" repeatedly.

Burrito Cactus

Figure in Quonism. The Burrito Cactus was immortalized in the "Burrito Cactus Haiku" which was created during the Duke West evening activity "Refridgerator Magnet Haikus" in Term 2, 2016. The Haiku reads as following "Burrito Cactus; Irrvelevantly Crispy; Roasting the Fourth Years." The burrito cactus roasted the fourth years which gave them the authority to roast the third and second years. The Burrito Cactus is honored by the recititation of his poem.


Members of Quonism try to properly live like the original figure "Papa Quon" by reciting "O Papa Quon" and the "Burrito Catus Haiku", chanting "Ike", celebrating Quon-za, eating Papa Quons Pizza, and sharing the news of Quonism.

A referendum to establish a Quonistic Inquisition to cleanse the nonbelievers is currently being considered.