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The quote book is an underground tradition at Duke East Term 2. The tradition-holder, generally one of the most social tipsters and most quotable themselves, must care for the quote book itself, and feed it with memorable quotes from TiPsters.

The quote book was started in 2012 by third year Alex Daigle, who wrote in it for two years before passing it down to his good friend Gillian Jenkins. The only instructions for the quote book holder are written on the first page of the quote book- "the only pens permitted to be used in this book are Pilot G2 07 series."

The 2015 quote book holder was the marvelous Sara, a vivacious fourth year who filled the book's pages with such gems as "No, Greg, you did not work for the KGB as an intern," and "Relationships? Nah, man, relationCHIPS." She passed it on to third year Gayty "Gayty-is-not-my-real-name-and-I'm-not-even-completely-gay-anyway" Gayfield, with instructions to solidify and popularize the quote book's role at East. Gayty, who appeared in the book on the first day of term with "Penises are wands of sin," wrote her first (and only) quote in the book that very night-- "Go the fuck to sleep," which TA Nettie pleaded repeatedly during a reading of the eponymous book.

Sadly, Gayty was unable to come to TiP her fourth year, so when Sara was at move-in day in 2016, she set her eyes upon Cameron Choyke as the next holder of this honored tradition. Cameron was not only a funny and likeable guy, but also a complete angel with the patience of the Lord as the USPS continued to find ways to fuck up getting the quote book into his hands. He finally received it with only a few days left of the term, and (one assumes) filled it to the brim with quotes and innuendoes, as is a requirement. He passed it on to Caroline Webber on the last night. Caroline carried the quote book throughout 2017, and completely established it as an important and well known tradition. She constantly had tipsters coming up to her or texting her quotes, and at the talent show she picked her top 10 favorite (and TiPropriate) quotes and read them to the camp. Caroline was beloved by all, and passed the quote book down at the Talent Show to Angie Gonzalez.

Best of:

  • "Maybe llama porn will be our always." -Gregor Haas
  • "I'm not sad, I'm just Russian." -Greg Svirnovsky
  • "I think my vocation, officially, is Trap Queen." -Rigel Turner