RC Holden/RC Maggie (MOM AND DAD) (MOLDEN)

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This is the ultimate OTP. Nobody can convey how madly in love these RC'S are. THEY don't even know how much they are in love.


The ship was created originally by Sydney Guion, during Rice Term 1 week 1, as a joke, but Maggie's RC group and the rest of camp quickly reacted.

It is known that Maggie (Mom) tried to fight the ship from the beginning, but her RC group prevailed after their insistence and no resistance from Holden (Dad).

The relationship made the front page of the term book, again displaying the seriousness of the relationship. Their RC groups bonded immediately and began to call the RC's Mom and Dad. Mom threatened her RC group (and 25 children) by saying she would end the relationship if the kids misbehaved. PS: Dad is moving to Georgia to be near his wife.

At the end of the third and last dance of Term 1, Holden and Maggie ran to the middle of the fourth year circle that was surrounded by green lanyards for the traditional ending songs and slow danced extremely romantically. The two RC's have been encouraged to date. It is known that their first date was at IHOP during the traditional fourth year diner trip.

They are literally the best thing since toilet paper (which was created in 1857)!

Ship Names

  1. Molden
  2. Magden
  3. Moldie
  4. VanClark (last names)
  5. Holdie