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How we, the TiPsters came into play:

It all began with Roz (aka Jackie Fetzer and her various animal themed clothing). We entered our soon to be planet on July 12th of 2017. We found a native who went by Roz and a other invader by the name of Dagg (aka Giacomo Riva an angry homosexual italian) who wanted to enslave the locals. The religion that belongs to those locals is basically where they believe that the planet is their god. The closer you are to the ground the more holy you are. Hence the shorter you are the better. Dagg decided in order to enslave the people of RZR-305 he would dig a hole called The God Hole. Doing this he become the holiest of them all and in order to be closer to god the citizens of RZR-305 obeyed his orders. There was a great debate among my people on how we would solve this conundrum. We came to no good conclusion other than letting Dagg make himself seen as god. We then stayed and observed what the planet and its people were like.