Rachael Johnson (RayJay)

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Rachael "RayJay" Johnson is a member of the Golden Trio and attended Davidson Term 1 Psychology. She is known for her "Barbie face", "the Rachael" that the Golden Trio does at every dance, and her love of spinach wraps (shared by Yasmine Ruiz). She is the official hairdresser of Tara's RC group and shares in the Golden Trio's love of a certain RC.

The Bathroom Incident Since The Golden Trio were in Psychology together, they made a habit of going to the bathroom before every class period (resulting in an angry Beth.) On this unfortunate day, only Yasmine and Rachael made it to the bathroom, for reasons unknown. (It is suspected that they were attempting to open the Chamber of Secrets, as the bathroom was located in Chambers and that certain TA had a striking resemblance to Harry Potter.) Rachael and Yasmine conversed loudly in the bathroom about their love of the TA, believing that nobody was outside the bathroom. However, when they exited the bathroom, the very TA that was the object of their conversation was filling up his water bottle. Yasmine was still talking about him as she stepped out of the bathroom. Sadly, they only managed to walk halfway down the hall before dissolving in giggles, contributing to their fear that the TA had heard them or knew what they were talking about. They enlisted Alex's help at the next bathroom break to thoroughly test the thickness of the walls and ascertain that there was no chance of sounds floating through.

Psychology Jokes

"I like the way you cook!"

What Makes You Beautiful- Psychology Version

Lips. Enough said.