Rachel Smith

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Rachel, or better known as Ray Smith was (and will be) at tip for the summers from 2006-2009. She attended Davidson, term 1, for her first year, and quickly realized the error of her term when she learned how amazing term 2 at East Campus the next three summers.

Rachel is/will be the SMP Deputy of 2009, and is close friends with both (her roommate of 2008) and Colin Groundwater (the only person who has been to tip with her every year), two notable figures at Term 2 East.

At Davidson, she was the unfortunate target of the boys in the room above; though she thought it was the volley ball camp losers, the upstairs tipsters were actually the ones who found it amusing to throw rocks at her window every night at 12 AM.

She has been in Tory, , and Leigh's RAGs; was a former tipster, and an object of many a teenage boy's lust.

She owned at the interp dance competition at Quadfest in 2008.

She was one of the first to use the term OSB to describe the woman who replaced Sam in 2008.