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Radicus was only the coolest human being ever. Radicus isn't his real name, it was a RAD nickname given to him by his classmate. She was pretty chill. In his first year he was at Davidson and in The Origins Of Modern Law class. His sass gave us all life, and he ended lives because of the amount of hair gel that he put in his hair (it literally felt like plastic.) Radicus thought he was super cool because this girl he only talked to once was running his snapchat. He didnt really like us very much (Rachel, Bryanna, Gabi, Saraiya, and Samuel) but we forced him to hang out with us anyway even if he asked "How long does hanging out take". Once we thought he was trying to run away and we sent someone into the bathroom to see if he was in there. Radicus loved to play cards with us, he was a devoted player of ERS. He also loved doing the out chant (O to the U to the T, you're out!) he would always do it when we played games such as Jello, Concentration, etc. He also really likes, in fact they are his go to shirt, polo shirts, he wore them everyday. He also was taught many hand games and dances while at Davidson (not gonna lie this was pretty much all Rachel) and was a total baller. We also sent him to get queso tons of times, he also got a lot of fries for us. Radicus didn't like us, but he sort of dealt with us. He still hung out with us despite the fact that we bothered him every chance that we got. He also turned out to be a pretty cool dancer (all thanks to Gabi-cat and Rachel.) Rachel was also his fashion guru, but she prefers the term "Fashion Godmother." Stalkers maybe? But yeah thats all I have for Radicus. I know once Rachel sees this shes gonna edit the crap out of it. Rachel has started editing it, and it is now a beautiful page dedicated to Radicus.