Rae Larsen

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Rae Larsen, formerly known as Rachel Larsen, went to East Term 1 2014-2016. They took PoT 2014, PILF 2015, and Bach 2 Rock 2016. In 2015 the hask relic was passed down to them at the talent show.

feel free to add any additional information.

Fourth Year Will: (in termbook) I, Rae Larsen, of redacted mind and tasteful body, hereby bequeath the following to: SHANNON eternal love, JAKE frosting glue, SKIPPY inNout, JARED the best, RO saxophone, PILF stmemey memes, HUX trash puns, BAILEY popsicles, ETHAN cats, PETER memes, PoT Peter Sloan, B2R James’ soul, MAC eternal happiness, ASHLEY all sass in the world, MAGGIE platonic water encounters, WILL swag, ADDISON oatmeal raisin cookies, JOSH hip lingo, JAMES sloths, JON hipster music/coffee, PSLOAN bob’s boat, STEVEN friend request, ANI spirit of tradition, NANCYKATE chicks, SOPHIE lack of lipstick, GRACE questionable selfys, RACHEL dogs, MAI magic, ANNA british boys, KIERAN nebraska, HAYLEE silver paint remover, NILES everything good, PERRY cupcakes, MIKAYLA questions but whatever, RCS memories of 3 week motherhood, KATIEW beans, ADMIN the traditions I never experienced, SARAH’S SINNERS sin, THOSE NOT MENTIONED apologies. TO EVERYONE AT TIP my heart. (not in termbook) I also bequeath the following to: NETRA satisfaction of kinks, QUESTIONING TIPSTERS eventual understanding of your sexuality/gender, STAFF my disappointment, B DUKE a hot skirt, EAST CAMPUS the gays, BLAZE BOYS smart choices, SCOTT sick gains, N8 str8 h8, THE THIRD YEARS a love for tradition, SECOND YEARS a love for TiP. Thank you to everyone who's been a part of my journey. You all have made my life infinitely better. See you later.