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The ragtags were a team of primarily 3rd years during the annual 2018 Staff vs Student ultimate frisbee game. After staff implemented a new rule that claimed everyone had to play (a rule which ultimately lost the students the game), eight nobodies occupied the field after halftime. Once this group, furthermore known as the Ragtags, entered the field, it is confirmed three of the staff members started to laugh at the lineup. However, once the game started, the ragtags drove the frisbee down the field thanks to a series of short passes, and scored the fastest goal in Duke TiP history (unconfirmed). While screaming and excitement followed, every single ragtag was kicked off the field to allow room for the "Varsity" players, none of whom played again. After this decision, the students lost 11-7.

Confirmed Ragtags- "Sheep", Vibhav, Simon