Raiding and Writing

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Raiding and Writing
Offered East
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RAIDING AND WRITING: The Viking Age in Europe

Description:Beginning in the late 8th century, Scandinavian raiders and settlers began expanding their sphere of influence throughout Europe. Known popularly as “Vikings,” they quickly earned a terrifying reputation from the northern Atlantic all the way to Constantinople as fierce, bloodthirsty marauders. To label the Vikings as mere barbaric thieves, however, is to grossly underestimate their contribution to the broader European context. Not only were the Vikings daring explorers who braved their way to the Americas some 400 years before Columbus, but their Icelandic descendents also founded what is arguably the richest vernacular literary tradition in all of medieval Europe. This course is an interdisciplinary study of the Viking Age (c. 800-1000 A.D.) and will draw primarily on three facets of Viking culture: history, literary tradition and language. Through exciting discussions and stimulating reading and writing assignments, we will investigate the nature of history and will delve into cultural history through the study of poetry, saga literature, and the Old Norse language. Writing Intensive.

Content Area: Humanities Offered: East Term II

Edit: The Vikings win at life. This is proved by our mead drinking victories, duct tape boats, and Kremehild Glares/Brunhild Slaps. Watch out for the flying limbs.

It should also be noted that the instructor, Kevin, is awesome. He plays the electric guitar, owns a full set of armor, and can "pun with the best of them."


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