Rebecca Enniss (UGA)

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Rebecca "Becca" Enniss, an RC of three years at UGA (2014-2016) is known as being the chillest RC to have ever existed. She also sets a record with UGA term 1 tipster, Riley Scoggins, for being in the same RC group three years in a row. These three years include all of Riley's and Becca's TIP experience. During the 2016 term, Becca was an RHL and led a group of fourth year girls, notoriously known at UGA for getting away with next to anything. This group of girls would stay out in the hall until 12:00 a.m. every night on the last week and sometimes until 2:00 a.m. in Becca's room. Most shenanigans include dancing around the hallway with shirts on weird, eating and crying together way past lights out, and engaging in heavy gossip and drama, mostly with Becca listening and joining in. Becca's 2016 term 1 group includes:

Lay Blomquist, Rhiannon Harp, Evalee Mason, Megan Casner, Megan Elliott, Holly Del Grande, Riley Scoggins, Julia Norton, Amaya Hinojos, Katie Cowan, Hadley Gilpatrick, Sophia Hsu, Sarah Shama, and Casey O'Connell (not actually in RC but might as well have been)

Becca will be remembered for her obsession with Cali & Tito's, a local Cuban food joint with the best Churos in Georgia and being an amazing confidant. She will be forever loved dearly by her girls and always looked up to as a role model. No tipster was ever as lucky as those who had Becca as an RC. We love you, Becca. We'll always be your Jittery Hoes.

Georgia Tech

Becca was an RHL at GT 2017, she was just as awesome as she was at UGA