Rejection RAG

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The Rejection RAG was Stapor's RAG during term 2, 2013 at Duke West. Her RAG members were all second years, and included:

  • Kate
  • Stacey
  • Ritu
  • Sam
  • Kelly
  • Cataline
  • Emily
  • Elsie
  • Sonali
  • Angela
  • Abby

Their RAG lived on K2, next to their brother RAG (The Rat Pack). Stapor's girls were a colourful RAG- they often split up to different parts of Kilgo and brought bits of chaos wherever they went. You could find Sonali, Sam, and Catalina in the game room with the fooseball table in their control. Ritu was often jumping between the members of her genetics class (but she would talk to anyone). Stacey and Kate were always seen together, either playing guitar with Steven and Nathan, or crashing on the third floor with Matt's RAG (however Matt threw Kate off his hall 3 times because she talked to Will and Hamilton too much).

The Rejection RAG got its name during the last week- 6 different guys each asked a member of the RAG to the red carpet dance, and every single one was turned down. After Sam said no to Mitchell, he jokingly called them the Rejection Rag, and the name stuck. It was always said that no one else would ask anyone in their RAG, because they knew they'd be turned down. It became a joke among the RAG, as they had called Stapor a "heartbreaker" starting the first day of the term, and somehow they became Stapor's Heartbreakers. The streak was broken though when Kate was asked by a fourth year and said yes, as well as when Catalina asked another guy to the dance.

Stapor's RAG came in third place at TIPSync for their unexpected performance. During the second week leading up to TIPSync, the RAG started wearing Vote For Pedro pins (Will did manage to get one, most likely from sweet talking Kate), but wouldn't tell people what they were doing. The RAG did a mash up of Napoleon Dynamite, starting off with the sign language interpretive dance to "Some Say Love", and then breaking into the iconic dance. The judges loved the dance, and they made it to the dance off against Morgan's RAG. For the dance off, the two RAGs picked 5 girls to compete. Stapor's girls sent up Sam, Kate, Stacey, Ritu, and Emily. When the girls got up on stage to dance to "Love You Like A Love Song" (which none of them knew), they decided to wing it. Their dance consisted of Kate and Sam slow dancing while Stacey did a random bridge in the middle of the stage. Then, at the chorus, everyone began raving and pelvic thrusting, and ended the dance with Stacey having a laugh attack and asking "Why would you guys let bridge?!"