Relationtip Logic

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It should be noted that during East Term II 2008, the word "relationTIP" was questioned by . It is said to have once been called a "TIPlationship," because that made more grammatical sense. This led to discussion of "reTIPlaships," "relaTIPships," and of course the completely ridiculous "TIP-TIP-TIP-TIPs." It should also be noted that this discussion spread into other RAGs, including (whose RAG was adjacent to Alex's), where argued that, there being no significant amount or evidence of nouns being modified by fusion with an adjective, there is no proper grammatical rule on the matter and thus replacing the last syllable is just as valid as replacing the first, despite adjectives normally going before nouns in noun phrases. Parallels can be drawn with the treatment of objects in French, which go after the verb unless they're replaced by a pronoun, in which case they go before the verb, displaying the fact that natural languages do not necessarily keep the same word order for everything under all circumstances. The historical precedence and widespread usage of "relationTIP," makes it, thus, the stronger and more "correct" competitor. (Trinity term 2 2017 also used tip ship. A LOT.)