Relationtips (RC)

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Term 1

  • Sara and Sander (sarander)


Term 1

  • Inez/Lexi
  • Izzy/Gavin (not really but really)
  • Georgia/Davis (prom queen and king)
  • Montana/Blake
  • Madison/Zach (except he PLAYIN and has a GF) and Madison/Rodney
  • Madison/Spencer
  • Jordan/Micah
  • Piper/Simon Michael Jacob Casoria, V (he was annoying and Georgia and Davis had to force him to talk to Piper)
  • Camille/Parker (he got mad when she danced to Single Ladies)
  • Lizzie/Ethan (except she wanted a younger Mr. Helcoski tbh)
  • Juan/Amelia (Rebecca got jealous bc she was totes obsessed with Juan)
  • Mary/Kayla (awww we wish and the coolest bookworms in our RC group)
  • Emily/Jason (always playing cards on the second floor)
  • Shugg/Shaun (shauggy @ the first dance)
  • Carrie/Richy (nah bc she has a bf)
  • Sanvi/Cody (heheheheheehehheheheheheheheheheehheheheehehehehe ily sanv)
  • Sydney/Garine (she told him she was lesbian)
  • Saundra/Jacob (otp in csi bc only p in csi)
  • Ashna/Jonathan
  • Shugg/Isabella (regret not kissing each other at camp)
  • RCs--Maggie/Josh
  • Ice Cream Sales/Murder Rates (Psych 4eva)
  • Everyone/Inez's Poem
  • Carson/Austin (Arson!!!)

Term 2

  • Taylor/Dawson Tawson (the ultimate TIPship ever and anyone that says otherwise is a naughty crab)
  • Aidan/Ritika Raidan (The Asian Couple)
  • Mateo/Alaine (Idk what to say about them although the closet incident was pretty funny)
  • James/Nadia Jadia (CRIKEY)
  • Taylor/Birkenstocks Tirk
  • James/Air Bethlehem's/Brikenstocks Jirk/Air Jethlehem's
  • Dalton/Jenna Denna (Jalton sounds better but you know whatever the public demands)
  • AJ/Dylan DJ (the awkward ones who hold hands in a weird way)
  • Bentley/Sam "BAM" (DONT LET IT DIE)
  • Ayesha/Cardboard Cutout Liam "smh they didnt have a ship name"(sadly they had to part ways)


Term 1

  • Kathryn/John(aka Bathroom boy)
  • Nicola/Manny -NANNY-
  • Grant/girls (the grant girls a group of girls who followed him religiously)
  • Grant/Alanna (the one girl that stole grants heart)
  • Eloise/Zane (soooo cute)
  • Xan/Abby (finally found out they liked each other last day)
  • Renata/Miguel (he was her BAEguel)
  • Toni/Katie/Carolynn/Kate/Daniel Justin
  • Shannon/Don
  • Lauren/Jackson
  • Rachel/Ethan (Rathan)
  • Anna+Christy+Allissa/The wall

Term 2

  • Tim/Vancee
  • Pablo/Trinton (Trablo was the cutest bromance in the history of TiP)
  • Jack/Carlos (another cute af bromance)
  • Alexandria/Trinton
  • Sarah/Frank ;)
  • Jaxson/Roshell
  • Jaxson/Sarah (Jarah never happened though and it still lives on as OTP in everyone's hearts)
  • Mel/Jackson from Jacksonville (melevator)
  • Vicky/Nick (Nicky)
  • Bria/Ben (never happened tho)
  • Jalen/Ben (got married)
  • Clayton/Tara
  • Lena/Gabe
  • Jacob/Emiko
  • Willa/Pablo
  • Halle/Iain
  • Leah/ THE Aidan
  • Cameron/Jenny
  • Kamal/every girl in the building (got rejected everytime)
  • Nick/Carlos (Nicos sank really, really hard. Not that it ever sailed)
  • Jordan/Blue or Nadia/Blue (they fought for him)
  • Jordan/mints (she took all of them until they ran out)
  • Cas/Courtney
  • Alex/Callie
  • Leah O/Conner (the Shade Queen; Leah had a bf so it didn't work out *sighs*)
  • Margaret/Bria (Mia) (got engaged)
  • Margaret/Alissa (Alissa and Margaret had gfs back home so it didn't sail)
  • Margaret/Nutella (everyone knew it was meant to be)
  • Lizzie/Zach (not even pink eye could separate them)
  • Nathan/Alyssa
  • Jack/Anushka (Janushka)
  • Laura/Carlos (Caura) (known for football drills)


  • Greg/Jillian (Grillian; Creative Writing)
  • Tonte/Addie
  • Christian/Brandon (rumored to be dating during second week)
  • Christian/Jo (the rumor above is, in fact, false as Christian and Jo are engaged)
  • Becca/Addie (best step-mom and step-dad ever)
  • Josh/Andrew (Jandrew kawaii af)
  • Addie/Leroy, Aerospace TA (best ice cream date ever)
  • Tonte/Leah (everyone remembers their awkward dance)