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This is one of the best RelationTIP in all of Tip. In fact, this page is being created because Kelsey herself wondered why "Relsey" didn't have a page, while "Raly" did.

Here are the basic facts of Relsey:

-Relsey is a ship between Kelsey(RC) and Ryan(Psychology Instructor).

-Evidence for Relsey can be found everywhere.

-Raly is the main rival ship (Raly = Ryan and Aly (Psychology TA) to Relsey.


This proof was collected in Term 2, 2015 by Kelsey's RC group and also by 1 random person from Katie's RC at Trinity University.


-At the Neon 80's Sock Hop, Ryan and Kelsey were seen having a slow dance together.

-Investigation's onto Kelsey and Ryan's Instagram pages proved worthwhile as both contained images of Relsey moments.

-The "FREAKING AWESOME AND TIPPRESSED" person from Katie's RC group claims to have seen them eating together at their own table talking and showing each other "things". This claim is most liable to true and can be backed up by evidence gathered by Kelsey's RC group.

Relsey Instagram moments:

Ryan's Instagram contained a total of 7 pictures, 3 of which were Relsey pictures. The pictures were as follows: A poem for Kelsey on her birthday, a shot of both of them on a roof, and a selfie taken together (the selfie also happened to be Ryan's first Instagram post). Kelsey's Instagram also contained several Relsey pictures including but not limited to: A picture of them at Shiner, a selfie of them watching fireworks, a photo of them under the lights, etc. (Hashtags such as #relsey, #relseyreunion, #relseyontheroof, etc. were also found.)

Also the poem Ryan wrote for Kelsey's birthday had the caption: "I wrote a poem for my favorite relationtip #happybirthday"

(The above information can be proven and is not falsified in any way)

Bowling and Chipotle "Date?" Night:

-Ryan was the driver for Kelsey's last RC group night in which the group went to Chipotle and went bowling. At Chipotle, Ryan and Kelsey ate together in a booth; pictures were taken.

-At the bowling alley, Ryan claimed to "not be good at bowling" but somehow managed to land a score in the 160's.

Ryan is "Bad" at Bowling Theory: This theory was submitted by a member of Kelsey's RC group. 

The Ryan is Bad at Bowling Theory is a theory stating Ryan only said he was bad at bowling to impress Kelsey. Several factors support this. Although he claimed to not bowl often, he knew several rules casual bowlers would not. Also, a score in the 160's should be reason enough to support this theory. Ryan was merely being modest to impress Kelsey.

-After bowling, the RC group teamed up to encircle Relsey, and forced Ryan to ask Kelsey out to prom. Although Ryan wouldn't be there for the first part of prom, he got down on one knee and asked Kelsey out to the second part of prom. This moment was caught on film by several members of the RC group.

-Members of Kelsey's RC group believe this was more of a Relsey date, given the above evidence.

-At prom, Relsey was seen dancing together, much to the delight of Relsey shippers.

-Relsey was also seen eating lunch together on multiple occasions; sources say they even feed each other at times.

-A source also tells me Relsey once had a fake wedding. Details currently unknown.


Although 2015 was Kelsey's last year (BYE BYE KELSEY!!!!), Relsey will always live on!! (And Ryan will always regret not officially being together)


2013 Evidence

Although I am very unqualified to write this, as I only went to TIP at Trinity for Term 1 of 2015, and didn't witness any Relsey (I'm also a Raly supporter), I think the 2013 story is very important. In 2013, Ryan was a TA and Kelsey was an RC. Apparently, the tipsters also shipped Relsey, so one day they won a debate and the rights to boss Ryan around, so during evening study, they forced him to call Kelsey and sing Lost by Michael Buble. Apparently there was bad connection so they forced him to sing it to her under the bell tower.