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An RC at Duke East in 2019, who also attended Duke East Term 2 as a tipster.

Duke East Term 1 2019

Ren may have enforced the no phone rule, but that was the only rule most of us saw her enforce. Her RAG essentially had free reign at night (especially during the last night), and she was actually pretty chill with them. Her RAG was called Ren's Roses and they had extremely long RAG meetings with rose bud thorn.

Duke East Term 2 2019

Ren was known for enforcing the rules, being excited to wield the noodle, and sitting in her chair in the hall. Her RAG members were known as Ren’s Rats. Ren’s chair was often stolen by the boys from 2nd floor. Her RAG meetings were infamously long. She was a big fan of the activity rose bud thorn.