Rhiannon Akins

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Rhiannon Akins went to Davidson as a second year in 2009 , and Duke West as a third year in 2010. She took Zoology at Davidson(Pro.-Dr. Tanya, TA-Brittney), and Primate Biology at Duke West(Pro.-Dr. Erin, TA-Shika) Her roomies were Katelyn Boydenat Davidson in Erikas Emanonz, and Abbey Tirrell at West as part of Alicias RAG. Rhiannon is a down-to-earth southern girl from a tiny town in Alabama. She is known best for her sultry body roll she preformed at dances, (a deffinate hit with the boys) and her charming southern accent (she would often be asked by complete strangers if she could talk for them.) She was loud and said exactly what was on her mind. Good or Bad. She was known for being a bit of a bad girl and got in trouble once or twice although really she was just rebellious. (She only got sent to the office once) She could always be found in one of three places: dancing at alcove parties with her "group," Kat or Pooja's room, or sneaking around with Kevin. Rhiannon was in a relationTip at Davidson with Britt the last few days and was rumored to have been in a relationTip with Kevin at Duke. (we are all pretty sure this was true) She met her destinesd Soul Sisters Kat and Pooja her first year at Davidson and they plan on being bridemaids at each others weddings some day. They are as close as three people can be. She also had three other besties a notch above the rest: Russell, Kindall, and Ditty(Aditya) Unfortunately, Rhiannon was not able to attend her last year at Tip because of other underlying issues...but she was there in spirit and is looking at an institute or study abroad program next summer.