Rice purity test

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The Rice Purity Test is a list of 100 tasks one must complete to be the ultimate whore/crackhead. The test is a checkbox questionnaire. One reads each question and checks the box if they have done that thing. For every box you check, you lose a point. The lower the score, the less pure you are. The highest possible score is 100, and the lowest is 0. The lowest score attainable without certain death is probably more like 30.

It is frequent for tipsters to drop some purity points while at tip.

The Purity Test was first discovered by Rice University TIPsters in term 2 of 2015. The test, along with any discussion about it, was banned at East during Term 2 of 2016. Apparently, some second years had felt uncomfortable when asked to take the test or disclose their scores.

The Rice Purity test is still a tradition at Rice.