Richard the Rock

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Richard the rock is Alex Mao's pet rock from Duke TIP Trinity term 2, 2011. He has a Facebook page over 100 likes. Richard has been known to seriously injure people in the past when dis-satisfied. He has many interests such as attacking, break dancing, and doing pointless stuff in general. Richard's birthday is on July 17th. Plz checkout Richard's. Facebook page. Thanks! :D

Shape and Size Richard is roughly the size of a man's fist. He is a light brown color and is the shape of Dora's head. Richard is written on the back and a happy face is drawn on the front. He weighs roughly 1 pound. The texture and surface of Richard is smooth. He is classified to be a metamorphic rock currently.

Break Dancing Although he is a rock, Richard is very talented at break dancing. He has been known to spin out, crack in half and get confiscated. Whenever there's a dance, Richard burns up the floor with his epic moves.